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Immune Boosting Herbal Formula for Coronavirus

Written By Matthew Truhan, LAc on August 24, 2020

We have gone through an overview of COVID-19 and its different stages and how they are treated. Here, let’s talk about the modified herbal formula that is now available in the office that has been recommended for boosting immunity to... Read More

Do Not Forget: It's Spring!

Written By Matthew Truhan, LAc on May 14, 2020

With all the craziness of coronavirus (CV) going on, it can be easy to forget that we are in the season of growth: Spring! Well, it may also be easy to remember, since the weather is getting nicer and most... Read More

What's the Point? Nei Guan, P6

Written By Matthew Truhan, LAc on May 11, 2020

The 6th point on the Pericadium channel is named Nei Guan, or Inner Pass. The main use for this point at home is to benefit nausea that is due to almost any cause, whether from morning sickness during pregnancy or motion... Read More

The Opioid Epedemic

Written By Dr. Jason Kremer on April 14, 2020

Enough about the current "pandemic" that's still go our heads spinning, today and for the next two upcoming columns I would like to remind everyone about our country's current Opioid "epidemic". Although several businesses, including healthcare businesses, have had to... Read More

Hidden Ingredients in Your Food

Written By Dr. Jason Kremer on April 14, 2020

Have you noticed that even the simplest and healthiest seeming foods out there can still have loads of unknown chemicals and preservatives written on the nutritional label? Take simple dehydrated beef or "beef jerky". One would think, "Sure, there's probably... Read More

Creating a Positive Mindset and Managing Stress

Written By Dr. Jason Kremer on April 7, 2020

With this whirlwind of stressors and uncertainties, I thought now would be an appropriate time to post on the importance of having a positive mindset. With businesses shutting their doors and my wife and I litterally just closing on the... Read More

TCM Stages and Herbal Treatments for Coronavirus Infection

Written By Matthew Truhan, LAc on April 1, 2020

There are two main schools in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (Cold Damage and Warm Disease) that explain the stages of invasion of an external factor, which in Western parlance includes colds, flus, and the current progressions seen in the COVID-19... Read More

Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Written By Dr. Jason Kremer on March 31, 2020

As we are still taking those extra steps to avoid the seasonal cold and flu (and now Coronavirus), reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing hydration, and focusing on gut health and a low inflammatory diet are still really the best things... Read More

Chiropractor Offering Pain Management During Coronavirus in Bend Oregon

Written By Dr. Jason Kremer on March 30, 2020

During the current Coronavirus outbreak, Wellness Doctor will continue to provide care for chronic and acute injury management in Bend Oregon including neck and back pain, strains and sprains, sports injury and auto injury care, as well as neurological and/or... Read More

Gluten and Our Nation's Declining Health

Written By Dr. Jason Kremer on March 30, 2020

I started piecing the gluten conundrum together early in my chiropractic practice in Bend Oregon around 2006 back before going gluten-free was a thing. Although Sports Medicine was my focus at the time, I just could not turn the other... Read More

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